Injuries from Machines and Equipment

Workplace and other accidents are sometimes caused by defective tools, dangerous machines and other faulty industrial equipment.  Attorneys at McDowell & Osburn, P.A. have the experience and expertise to pursue product liability claims against the manufacturers and distributors of defective and dangerous products.  Representative cases include:

  • Near amputation of a warehouse worker’s arm from collapsing forklift tower.

  • Explosion of asphalt tanker causing severe burns to worker.

  • Homeowner suffers severe burns and subsequently died from the burns and infection as a result of an explosion of a home (gas grill) propane gas tank.

  • Six year old passenger killed in a motor vehicle from an overly aggressive airbag.

  • Passenger in motor vehicle suffered serious and traumatic eye injury as result of an overly aggressive airbag.

  • Operator of hot asphalt tanker truck suffered serious facial burns when the asphalt tanker ruptured.

  • Machine operator has a large portion of scalp torn off when her head and hair are caught on a spinning shaft in a machine.

  • Slaughterhouse cleaner suffered permanent hand crush injuries and severe lacerations when his hand was pulled into a meat grinder.  The cleaner was entitled to workers’ compensation benefits and he was entitled to claim damages against his co-employees where the safety or guard had been disabled or was not functional.

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