Injuries Involving Vehicles

Attorneys at McDowell & Osburn, P.A. regularly represent the injured victims of automobile accidents, motorcycle accidents, trucking accidents, pedestrians injured by motor vehicles, four-wheeling and snowmobile accidents, boating accidents, and accidents caused by drunk drivers.  Representative cases include:

  • Motorcyclist cut off by a left turning motor vehicle resulting in a total leg amputation.

  • A rental van full of gymnasts was struck by another motorist at an intersection with death resulting.

  • Pedestrian at a car wash was struck by a passing motorist causing leg amputation, severe internal injuries and subsequently her death.

  • Drunk driver struck another motor vehicle on a highway which resulted in a hang-man’s fracture of the victim’s cervical spine and the loss of her fetus.

  • Construction company failed to properly secure and reclaim an excavation site which resulted in an off-road motorcyclist’s spine injury and paraplegia.

  • Rescue workers improperly tied a woman to a rescue boat which then sank and caused her drowning death.

  • Car flips off the highway where a railroad failed to properly protect the sides of an overpass.

  • A snowmobiler is killed because the operator of a snow groomer parked the snow groomer on the wrong side of a recreational trail.

  • A boat operator struck a submerged rock near the shore-line while operating after dark resulting in a passenger’s serious facial injuries.

  • A boat operator negligently turned suddenly without warning at a high speed resulting in a serious back injury to a passenger.

  • A tractor trailer struck the rear of another vehicle propelling it into the oncoming traffic causing serious injuries to multiple occupants.

  • Taxi driver negligently drove through a stop sign resulting in serious injuries to the occupants of the taxi.

  • A drunk driver hit a child alighting from a school bus resulting in a fracture to the child’s spine.

  • A senior citizen was hit in the crosswalk with death resulting.

  • A college student was run over while in a crosswalk resulting in broken bones and brain injury.

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