Medical Malpractice

Attorneys at McDowell & Osburn, P.A. regularly represent the victims of medical mistakes that should never have happened.  Representative cases include:

  • Hospital and treating pediatrician failed to diagnose and treat bacterial meningitis in an infant resulting in death.

  • Child suffers third degree burns to his head from a doctor’s use of a malfunctioning neuro-surgical magnifying device.

  • Misdiagnosis of meningitis leading to partial paralysis and permanent nerve damage.

  • Improper treatment of an arm fracture resulting in permanent deformity.

  • Hospital provided incorrect post-testing procedure to patient causing the patient’s loss of consciousness when driving resulting in his death.

  • Hospital failed to properly diagnose a neck fracture which resulted in paralysis.

  • Hospital’s emergency room physicians failed to diagnose bacterial eye infection which led to corneal replacement and blindness.

  • Hospital and staff failed to properly secure a patient undergoing neck surgery which resulted in quadriplegia.

  • Hospital emergency room failed to diagnose a child’s spine fracture which resulted in paraplegia.

  • Physicians failed to diagnose melanoma.

  • Physicians failed to diagnose bladder cancer resulting in the patient’s inability to control urine discharge.

  • Emergency room doctor negligently failed to diagnose a lumbar spine fracture which resulted in paraplegia.

  • Doctor failed to inform patient of possible lung cancer observed on x-ray by radiologist resulting in the growth of the cancer to dangerous size years later.

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