Recreational Injuries and Premises Liability

Attorneys at McDowell & Osburn, P.A. regularly represent the injured victims of accidents that should not have happened when victims are involved in recreation, helping other people, and conducting their daily business.  Representative cases include: 

  • Teenager suffered quadriplegia following a diving accident in an above ground swimming pool.

  • A life guard failed to rescue a swimmer during a swimming test with death resulting.

  • Daycare negligently supervised children that were taken to a playground which resulted in a child’s serious arm fracture.

  • A child touches a fallen, high-voltage power line while playing near his home resulting in serious burns.

  • A women shattered her lower leg when climbing an improperly placed and unsecured ladder to gain entrance to a neighbor’s house.

  • A man suffered a serious brain injury while helping a neighbor remove snow from a roof when the neighbor dumped snow on the man’s head while he was climbing a ladder causing him to fall resulting in catastrophic injury.

  • An elderly woman suffered a severe shoulder injury when she tripped over the corner of a grocery store display stand that stuck out at ankle level.

  • A man suffered severe injuries when directed to stand in a certain place while assisting a neighbor with tree cutting, and a large branch fell and rolled onto him.

  • Prior owner’s unreported alterations to riding lawn mower resulted in amputation of a large portion of user’s hand.

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